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Credentialing Exam Study Guide, 6th Edition

Credentialing Exam Study Guide, 6th Edition

Edition: 6th
Year published:2016
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NOTE: This product is designed for those taking the exam prior to March 1, 2021. For those taking the exam after March 1, 2021, consider the CDM Credentialing Exam Study Guide, 7th Edition.

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The Credentialing Exam Study Guide is one tool that can be used to strengthen exam readiness and includes two sets of questions, case studies, preparation and study tips, answer rationales, and referenced textbook readings. Containing 100 questions and five case studies, the self-paced pre-test section guides you through each of the five content areas covered on the CDM Credentialing Exam. Take one section at a time, master the section, and continue. After completing the pre-test portions, take the 100-question practice exam to identify areas from the exam content outline that you are most comfortable with and which you feel require more study time. A great take-on-the-go tool to read, review, recite, and rehearse, and help prepare for exam! Answers to all questions reference Nutrition Fundamental and Medical Nutrition Therapy (Zikmund copyright 2015 & 2018), and Foodservice Management – By Design (Legvold and Salisbury, copyright 2015 & 2018). © 2016.

Still trying to determine which study material is right for you? View our guide and compare all the tools offered that may help you succeed!

The study materials and reference books are completely optional. Purchase and/or successful completion of exam review materials are not required in order to sit for the exam and they do not predict or guarantee a passing score on the exam. Candidates may prepare for the exam in a manner of their choice.

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